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Trinetra Device | C-DSAI | ConsultDSAI

TriNetra Device (CCTV/Drone/Action Camera)

Portable mobile application powered by AI that turns your phone into a video analytics and monitoring device or simply a video surveillance device. 


C-DSAI’s TriNetra Device is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered video analytics mobile app that turns phones into a portable surveillance device, designed to offer AI Crowd Analysis, AI Face Recognition, AI Fire Detection, Activity, Intrusion detection for CCTV or action camera at your fingertips.


The app can also be used for face recognition attendance system  for a single camera feed with notifications to be sent on multiple devices within the selected group. 

The app can be made to function offline as well as based on API calls to our AI platform.



  • Analyses and reports in real-time

  • Compatible with Android, IoS

  • 1 feed at a time

  • Geo-tagging enabled

  • Body camera compatible

  • Option to choose between internal and external camera

  • Master and Slave module to enable communication with other devices in organisation

Easy setup


Custom Rules


Real-time Reports


Third-party compatible

(like google home, alexa)

TriNetra Device | C-DSAI
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