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AI Face Recognition - Video Analytics (CCTV/Drone/Video)

C-DSAI’s face recognition is artificial intelligence (AI) powered image and video analytics that is built on custom deep learning artificial intelligence technology designed to offer face recognition for video surveillance and face recognition based attendance monitoring for all business sectors.


Easy to use and manage web dashboard to manage profiles. Each profile image will be converted to a  signature and stored within users private network and choice of database thus assuring of data privacy. Rest assured, we will not be storing or holding any image information.


  • Web dashboard with capability to create custom admin privileges and manage profiles.

  • Compatible with Android, IoS

  • SDK/API available on request

  • Monitor multiple CCTV feeds

  • Body camera & Drone compatible

  • Option to choose between internal and external camera

  • Geo-tagging enabled with map view


Easy setup


Real-time Reports


Custom Rules


Third-party compatible

(like google home, alexa)

C-DSAI Face Recognition
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