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AI Fire Detection Video Analytics (CCTV/Drone/Video)

C-DSAI’s AI Fire Detection, built on custom deep learning artificial intelligence technology, is designed to offer fire detection for video analytics, video surveillance and risk prevention at your fingertips. Which means you can connect your drones and CCTV (thermal and non-thermal)  to watch for fire.


The application is equipped to identify fire on any camera system including action camera or drone for forest fire. The application can work in sync with third party devices such as buzzers and water sprinklers systems to provide an activation trigger when fire is detected.



  • Pre-activated for drone surveillance

  • Analyses and reports in real-time

  • Compatible with Android, IoS

  • Multiple feed processing on desktop

  • 1 feed at a time on mobile app

  • Body camera compatible

  • Option to choose between internal and external camera

  • SDK/API available on request

  • Geo-tagging enabled with map view


Easy setup


Custom Rules


Real-time Reports


Third-party compatible

(like google home, alexa)

AI Fire Detection - Drone

AI Fire Detection - CCTV

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