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AI Crowd Analysis/Crowd Management (CCTV/Drone/Video)

C-DSAI's Artificial Intelligence powered visual AI Crowd Analysis or Crowd Management provides video analytics based on feeds from the video surveillance or CCTV camera to identify clustered regions in crowd and assist in taking proactive preventive measures based on custom rules predefined by the user with assistance of our extracted analytics.

Pedestrian tracking or tracing the movement of individual in a crowd to generate a trace-map for analysis.

Identifying large clusters for close monitoring and tracking crowd count

Monitor for social distancing, set the M rule externally.



  • Web based, easy-to-use dashboard 

  • Monitoring zones to ensure crowds are safe

  • Individual and group dynamics, data points.

  • Covid specific rules for close distance  

  • Pre-activated for drone based surveillance

  • SDK/API available on request

  • Geo-tagging enabled with map view


Easy setup


Real-time Reports


Custom Rules


Third-party compatible

AI Crowd Analysis

AI Pedestrian Tracking

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