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What we Do?

ConsultDSAI (C-DSAI), founded in 2020, the year of pandemic, with view to revolutionise the AI  industry by providing a one-for-all Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered video analytics and surveillance platform. We aim at providing a platform that not only can be used at or for your business or government bodies but also can be utilised for safeguarding your home. With just a few CCTV cameras, you can start using hi-tech AI powered video analytics.

Being an AI solution provider for data science and video analytics, at C-DSAI, we aim to customise our services that best caters to your requirements and one that supports your existing infrastructure.

While C-DSAI's One-SaaS platform can fulfil majority of your requirements, our team is happy to provide any custom features that may assist you around your challenges.

If you are a business, C-DSAI will also help with data audit and setup an AI data analytics center with customised artificial intelligence (AI) powered predictive models to generate actionable insights thus setting up a decision/data science function which can work autonomously to help improve the efficiency of your business.

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C-DSAI Connected Cloud Data

Artificial Intelligence powered CCTV AND DRONE BASED AI video analytics and data science platform

Cutting edge AI powered CCTV and Drone based video surveillance & video analytics solutions with high precision. Easy to setup, manage and maintain. 

Smart City compatible connected data driven solutions with real-time risk preventing actionable insights.

Transform your data digitally & visualise it. Design & build predictive models that generate keen insights with actionable items.


C-DSAI's One-SaaS platform is a SaaS model for all your data & Video analytics

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